Tribal Walk by Anna Amos

Inspired by her Papua New Guinean hertiage, Anna’s ‘Tribal Walk’ throws on the catwalk her slant towards Non-Austronesian aesthetic. This is exemplified in the use of the kudun drums that are the instruments renowned for accessorizing the merry-making and sing-song affairs of PNG over. I particularly like the ‘sordidness’ of the earthy colours. I think they complement the cotton fabric she claims to be the friendliest fabric. And I would believe rightfully so especially with the climate the subtropics is known for.

I think it’s definitely something new to Fijian eyes. However, although the motifs may be different, I think the Pacific-ness the designs possess such as the revamped missionary dresses finds commonplace in our hearts. The best so far of her collection because she’s definitely tried to move away from the rounded Pacific woman and has shown a slant towards the hourglass figure. I love and commend her for indigenous take on fashion. Well done.



(Source: fashionweekfiji)

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