Lady Gaga as “The Countess” on American Horror Story: Hotel

Lady Gaga as “The Countess” on American Horror Story: Hotel

“It’s really, really modern glamour, which we’ve never done,” Ryan ­Murphy says of American Horror Story‘s look in the new season. Lady Gaga, Ryan Murphy, and AHS costume designerLou Eyrich (who nabbed an Emmy for her work onCoven) collaborated on the aesthetic of the Countess. The Countess has kidnapped/adopted a brood of bloodsucking children. “They are the most important thing to her,” says Gaga. “More than anything, I think she wants to identify in a very human way.”

The Countess kills with the claws of a chain-mail glove ­designed by L.A. accessories wiz Michael Schmidt, who has created custom ­pieces for Cher and Madonna. Murphy wanted it to look “both rock & roll and old at the same time,” says Eyrich. “The nails have diamonds on the edge to slice.” “I’ve felt it with only a few people in my career when you do something and you say, ‘I belong here,’” says Gaga of joining AHS. “And I feel that way with the cast — I just feel like we somehow belong together whether I’m on the show or not.”

“Black, red, and cream, are the main colors and then punches of brighter colors like the blues and greens,” says Eyrich of The Countess. “It definitely skews towards the ’30s and ’40s but then punch it up to be modern.” “One thing Ryan talked with me about is we wanted the audience to look at Gaga as an actor playing the Countess and completely separate from how her fans know her  as Gaga,” says Eyrich.

Entertainment Weekly

(Source: ladyxgaga)


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