SS16 Colour Palettes: Brights

Bright colour palettes for SS16 featured plenty of warm tropicals, peppery tones and acidy citrus shades throughout; providing key colours for the Island Folktribal and 60s Psychedelic themes. It would seem red (any and all) is the colour of the season – so much so, that I’ve separated out the different colours into the shades that were most prominent.

Mars Red was the deepest red on the catwalks, before heading into Ox Blood territory, and provided a rich, luxurious and wearable tone without looking too wintery.

Fire Engine Red was a bright primary that easily adapted to sports, minimal, tropical and 60s looks, as well as being picked up as an accent colour in shows like Thakoon and Jacquemus.

Tomato Red, although being similar to Fire Engine Red, was a bright, spicy alternative that packed just a little bit more punch.

Hot Orange was an intense, flaming hot sauce shade often used in bold and eye catching looks.

Vibrant Orange was a strong, middle-of-summer shade that easily played into tribal and tropicana themes.

Marigold was a new colour for the season, and moved between a couple of different shades – from golden orange, washed out fluoros and mango sorbets.

A bright, sunshine-y yellow was a favourite throughout fashion month, picked up as a statement highlight colour within collections.

Compared to previous season’s chartreuse, this year is going more acidy lime than yellowy-lemon and being applied to whole garments, rather than just being picked up as a highlight colour.

Although typically found in darker palettes, this years mustard came in golden tones was often used to lift collections.

This year’s pink was a playful, bubbly shade with a subtle brightness and vibrance.

(Source: aloha-everybody)


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