SS16 Colour Palettes: Cools

Cooler tones for SS16 featured plenty of deep, rich Mediterranean hues; with energising blues and greens, and spicy naturals. This palette will be used throughout Island Folktribal and 60s Psychedelic, with some of the more serious colours – Black, White, Navy – making up the Deconstructed Minimalism palette. View SS16 key themes here.

This year camel and tobacco tones blended with golden shades to bring a summery and wearable Tan colour to the season. Similar to the 70s camels from the winter season, SS16 Tan looks its best on textiles with surface interest, like patent leather or suede nap.

Olive Green was an earthy addition to the cools palettes, complementing both Khaki and Oyster palettes within the Island Folktribal and Romantic Prairie themes.

Macaw Green was an injection of vibrant greenery for the season; bringing an acidy chartreuse flavour to SS16 and working best on fabrics that has a bit of surface shine.

Traditional Khaki Greens, with a slightly dulled tone, was a staple colour for a season, providing a key colour for military shapes and trans seasonal range drops.

Dragonfly was a deep, luxurious green for the season, playing into dark teal colours across outerwear.

Moroccan Blue was the perfect cooling, oceanic summer pigment –  and was a hugely popular mid range blue amongst designers for SS16.

Electric Blue was the one of the most frequently featured colours for the season and was seen across apparel, footwear and accessories – the more electric and vibrant, the better!

Cobalt Blue was the older and wiser cousin to the Electric Blue palette – with the same level of saturation and vibrance, but a slightly deeper and richer tone.

This year there were two navy colours that featured over fashion month – the first was a really warm, saturated blue navy, that better suits the high summer period.

The second navy was a deep, midnight with cool undertones. This sort of colour will be better suited to the trans seasonal period and outerwear shapes.

Bright White lightened up catwalks this year as an all-in-one outfit colour, easily moving between all four key themes for the season.

Jet Black, typically a colour reserved for the depths of winter, fitted right into a monochromatic palette (along with white) and was used widely throughout the season – Most often seen within the Deconstructed Minimalism theme.

(Source: aloha-everybody)


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